Cash Converters - Convert Your Thinking

About Us

Cash Converters UK is the UK arm of Cash Converters International which, with more than 700 stores globally, makes it the largest retailer of second hand goods across the world.


Cash Converters International started from a single store in Perth, Western Australia, in 1984. It was founded by Brian Cumins and a group of partners whose vision was to turn second-hand goods stores into professional retail outlets. Since launching the fresh thinking concept in 1984 Cash Converters now has representation in 21 countries worldwide.

Cash Converters UK has more than 220 stores, three quarters of these are franchisee owned and a quarter are corporately owned.

What we do

Traditional retail, buying and selling, sits at the heart of the Cash Converters offer, but more recently we have introduced a number of personal finance products such as pawnbroking, cash for gold, cash advance and personal loans.

As traditional forms of borrowing are becoming less widely available, people from all walks of life are realising the benefits of the various services offered by Cash Converters to meet short term financial requirements.

Modern retailing practices, sharp fresh looking stores, professional management techniques, a strong commitment to ongoing training and high ethical standards all contribute to Cash Converters’ number one position in the UK and ensures that our customers are offered peace of mind across all of our products and services

Corporate Social Responsibility – Our adopted Charity Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True is a charity that makes the dreams of terminally or seriously ill children become a reality. No dream is too big or too small and the only limit to the dream is the child’s imagination.

Cash Converters has been supporting Dreams Come True for seven years and in that time has made more than 100 children’s dreams come true.

If you are interested in learning more about Dreams Come True or if you would like to learn how you can also support the charity visit There maybe someone in your local area or community, a friend or perhaps even a member of your own family who comes to mind either now at a future stage. If so please link through to the Dreams Come True home page and then click on “Give a child a dream” and this will provide you with the very simple and quick procedure to follow to register the details.