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Acceptable ID

For all financial products we need to establish and verify the identity and address of all customers. Read about the ID we require.


For all financial products we need to establish and verify the identity and address of all customers. To do this we must have the following:

Personal Identity

1 proof of identify (must be in date and valid for the term of the product) such as:

Photographic (Check the date is current)

  • UK Passport
  • Blue Disabled Drivers Pass
  • UK/EEA/EU Photo – Card Driving Licence (Provisional Licence cannot be used)
  • EU/UK Passport
  • Non EU Passport (non UK Nationals backed up with proof of residency or work permit issued by UK Border Force)
  • EU/EEA National Identity Card
  • National I.D. Card (non UK Nationals backed up with proof of residency or work permit issued by UK Border Force)
  • CIS I.D. (Construction Industry Service)
  • Government Issued I.D. (Forces I.D. Card, Prison Service etc)

Non-Photographic (Less than 12 months old)

  • Benefits or State pension notification letter
  • Benefits Agency letter
  • Current HMRC Tax Code Notification
  • Birth Certificate
  • Identity Card used for Electoral Office of Northern Ireland
Proof Of Address

1 proof of address dated in last 3 months, such as:

  • Recent Utility Bill – Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephone, Internet Provider, TV Licence, Council Tax Bill (not mobile phone bill)
  • Local Authority Signed Tenancy Agreement
  • UK/EEA/EU Photo – Card Driving Licence (Full or Provisional)
  • State Pension notification letter
  • House or Motor Insurance Certificate (actual certificate, not email or quote)
  • Benefits Agency letter
  • Credit Card or Bank/Building Society Statement
  • HMRC notification
  • Letter from Council Confirming Electoral Roll Listing

IN ADDITION, all Cash Advance and Personal Loan customers require Proof of Income, in the format of Bank Statements and Payslips:

  • Cash Advance Customers; 60 days bank statements new, 30 days bank statements for existing, along with 2 payslips (if employed).
  • Personal Loan customers; 30 day bank statements, along with 1 payslip.

Please note the same document cannot be used for more than one proof, i.e. you can’t use bank statements for proof of address and proof of income.

If you are registered for internet banking or e-billing you can utilise our system to download and print off any bills securely.

Acceptable forms of I.D. and address

1. Proof of Identity will remain valid for a period of 6 months from the date of the transaction. (Unless the I.D. expires within the 6 months). Proof of I.D. must be sighted, and uploaded onto the appropriate system to prove it has been viewed by the individual operator every six months.

2. Proof of Address will remain valid for 6 months (at the point of the initial transaction must be no more than three months old). The franchisee may ask for further proof of address within the 6-month period if deemed appropriate.

3. Old style driving licences are not acceptable.

4. Proof of Identity and Address verification cannot be from the same source.

5. A customer can contact their tax office who will issue an up to date notice on the same day, posted second class.

6. A government-issued document (without a photograph) which incorporates the customers full name, must be supported by a second document, either government issued, or issued by a judicial authority, public sector body or authority, a regulated utility company, or another FCA regulated firm in the UK financial services sector, which incorporates the customers full name and: a. Either his/her residential address b. Or his/her date of birth c. Separate address verification will also be needed

7. A local authority tenancy agreement can be used if dated up to a maximum of six months old, and may be agreed if dated within 12 months only at the franchisees discretion.

8. An in date photo driving licence may be used for proof of address if in date, however it is recommended that it has been issued within the last 6 months.

Once the Identity and Address verification has been completed for one product, the same evidence may be used for other product offerings for a maximum period of 6 months.Franchisees have the overriding discretion to request further proofs during this time. Proofs are valid in the store produced and cannot be transferred.