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Staff at Scotland Cash Converters star in BBC documentary

Staff and customers at three Cash Converters stores in Scotland have been filmed over the past year to create a three-part fly-on-the-wall documentary for BBC Scotland titled ‘Cashing In’.

The company, which is the UK’s largest second hand retailer and financial services provider, attracts customers from all walks of life, all with their own unique story to tell.

The observational documentary follows customers and staff at the Cash Converters stores on Renfield Street in Glasgow, Brandon Parade South in Motherwell, and the Buys & Loans store on Duke Street in Glasgow.

Harry Harrison, General Manager of the Renfield Street store, the busiest Cash Converters in Scotland, leads the viewer through the majority of the programme. He said: “There is such a diverse range of customers in here. We have got people who are absolutely minted and park their Mercs and BMWs outside, who come in and just want to get rid of their children’s old toys.

“Then you have people who have just got an upgraded TV and just want to get rid of their old telly. Last but not least are the people, who are down on their luck and need money to pay their bills. We might lend them £5 for a phone that’s not worth £5 because they have used us before. We believe their story and just want to help them out.”

This documentary series shows the ongoing banter between staff and their regular customers. However, staff member Billy Diamond takes time out to be serious when talking about his admiration for regular Elaine; a full-time carer who receives £65 a week carer’s allowance to look after her 27-year-old son Mark who is severely disabled with a rare genetic disorder.

In Motherwell, the cameras follow Maureen and Mark, a chef who has been unemployed for a year and is battling to keep on top of their finances to support their two young children.

Back in Motherwell, manager George Cameron comments: “You get your regular customers and you get to know them, build relationships with them. You get your funny instances; people trying to sell you the weirdest and funniest things you’ve ever seen.”

Among the other customers featured is 20 year old Corey, spurred on by his mum to sell some of the collection of Batman toys that have been cluttering up his bedroom, and well-dressed third year business student Michael with headphones he acquired in the VIP lounge of the Grand Prix in Monaco.

David Patrick, chief executive at Cash Converters, said: “The documentary is a real insight into life at Cash Converters. Many people don’t really understand our business and the series shows everything from the day to day running of the stores, to our regular customers buying and selling second hand goods, to others taking out personal loans. Our staff build a really strong rapport with their customers, who often rely on us in their everyday lives.

“The series also demonstrates how we ensure goods aren’t faulty or counterfeit, how we fairly value each item, the checks carried out for those wanting to take out loans, and the close working relationship we have with the police to ensure stolen goods are not accepted.“

The documentary is being aired on BBC One Scotland from 9pm-10pm on 18th March, 25th March and 1st April.

Cash Converters is the UK’s number one retailer of buying and selling pre-owned goods and a financial services provider, with 224 stores in the UK and over 750 worldwide.

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