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Spring cleaners urged to make cash from unwanted items

As the warm weather finally makes an appearance and the clocks are moving forward signaling a change in season, plans for that spring clean are underway. And with National Declutter Week (6th April to 14th April) scheduled into the Spring, it is the perfect time to get motivated and get cleaning.

However a clutter free house needn’t be the only thing to celebrate at the end of Declutter Week: Cash Converters, the UKs number one second hand retailer, is urging the people across the nation to recycle their unwanted goods and make some money at the same time.

With the rising cost of living, more and more families are struggling to afford luxuries like that much needed summer holiday. However, the answer could literally be right under their noses.

With 29% of people identified by Cash Converters as having unused items in their home worth up to £100, the retailer is encouraging people to be savvy with their spring clean. According to their research, rather than getting money back from their belongings, 74% of the public take them to charity shops with a further 30% throwing away their goods.

David Patrick, chief executive at Cash Converters, said: “It’s spring clean season and we are encouraging enthusiasts to sell their unwanted items rather than give them away. Not only do we buy good quality pre-owned items, we also sell them, so people can turn unwanted items in to instant cash or pick up a bargain!”

The same research carried out by Cash Converters also shows that one in ten people think that some of their hidden items could be worth up to £1,000.

Cash Converters is the UK’s number one retailer of buying and selling pre-owned goods and a financial services provider, with over 227 stores across the UK. As well as offering a place to shop for pre-owned bargains and sell unwanted goods for instant cash, it also provides a range of financial services including pawn broking, financial services, cheque cashing, laybys and buyback.

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