Back to School – be prepared with the Cash Converters Back to School checklist!

Back to School – be prepared with the Cash Converters Back to School checklist!

As scary as it sounds, the new school term is here, meaning our summer has come to an end after a long, good summer with your loved ones… although it might not feel that long!

Worried that you’ve missed something? It’s okay – it’s completely normal to worry about your little’uns going to school, whether it’s their first year or they’re returning to school, the worries will remain as you only want what’s best for them, which is only a good thing!

Take a look at the Cash Converters Back to School checklist to help ease those worries as we wave goodbye to another summer.

School uniform

Before you get your loved ones all kitted out with uniform, why not try a ‘school fashion show’? Try on the clothes you currently have at home to see what fits and what doesn’t. Now that we know what we need, a great place to visit is supermarkets which are home to all things uniform related from school shoes to winter coats. Psst… why not do this as part of your weekly shop?

Pencil Cases

Returning to school admittedly has so many costs to consider, it’s important to minimise spending where you can. Take a look at your kids’ current cases and decide are they in need of replacing? Here at Cash Converters, we believe in recycling. With it being such an integral part of the second hand goods industry, why not get creative and think outside the ‘lunchbox’ and do some design and repairs with your loved ones? If you have decided to go along the lines of getting a new case, there are many stores to look at with cases with your little’uns’ favourite characters on which will definitely bring a smile at school, a good idea right?


Now that we have our cases ready, we might need to consider what to fill them with. Stationary is very important as you can imagine at school. First thing to think about is the age of your kiddies, are they starting nursery? Nearing the end of primary school? Or even heading to high school? This will help determine what stationary you need. We would advise using multipacks which help ease the searching with all things being in one place or if they are that little bit younger there are plenty of fun themed sets to help keep your loved ones happy and engaged.


A good backpack is essential no matter the age. However, the type will depend on the age and preference of your kids, why not take them with you to help pick? Whether it’s a Disney backpack or a more ‘trendy’ bag to get them through their GCSEs.


Planning is key when it comes to the ‘back to school’ time of year as routines are bound to change for both you and your loved ones. It can have a huge positive effect if you plan for school. Key things to consider:

  • Travel arrangements.
  • School routine – bedtime, homework, alarm clock.
  • Meal planning.
  • Having a ‘school’ talk with your child about how they feel about their first day whether it’s their first or not.


Technology is becoming the central hub to all things, including education! Have you thought about what tech could help your kids at school; whether it’s a laptop for university or a tablet to help your little’uns interact and learn? Have you considered second hand? Second hand is not second best, allowing you to get desired devices at a reduced cost. By using Cash Converters, it will help you make your money go further.

Now you have it - by following the Cash Converters Back to School checklist you will feel much more confident as the new school term kicks off this week!

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