Millions of old gadgets stockpiled in drawers’ Are you guilty of having unused goods at home?

Millions of old gadgets stockpiled in drawers’ Are you guilty of having unused goods at home?

A recent study by the Royal Society of Chemistry has estimated that as many as 40 million unused gadgets are stored away in U.K homes. Can you think of many unused gadgets that you have at home, which are of value? An old iPhone? A camera? Or even a laptop? The chances are if you can think of some, that there are many more hidden away in your house which are not in use.

Did you know?

Smartphones contain rare earth elements; which experts predict to run out in the next 100 years, as the demand for new technology continues to grow. Many people hold onto their previous versions after upgrading to a new smartphone.

Elements in smartphones that are predicted to go extinct in next 100 years:

  • Metal Indium
  • Tantalum
  • Gallium
  • Arsenic
  • Silver
  • Yttrium

The Royal Society of Chemistry interestingly also conducted an online survey on this, which revealed that half of the households in the U.K were found to have at least one electronic device; and amazingly 45% of homes had between two and five unused devices at home. Alarmingly high yet so much potential to raise funds across the U.K.

Made you think?

Such findings do make you think when it comes to gadgets at home, have you considered recycling your phone or upcycling here at Cash Converters? Freeing up some space and funds to get your desired device whilst giving a home to an unused device of yours.

If we used such methods it would make a huge difference in prolonging rare materials, allowing us to continue to develop technology further. A win-win right?

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