TECH SHOWDOWN iPhone XS Vs Samsung Galaxy S10

TECH SHOWDOWN iPhone XS Vs Samsung Galaxy S10

Two of the most in demand phones this year, are you not sure which tech giant to back? Here is our detailed comparison of two of Cash Converters’ ‘Most Wanted’ items.

The S10 is the newest of the models, having taken to the market as a much stronger competitor to the iPhone XS than the previous S9 model.

Let’s see how they compare.

In terms of processor, Apple still have the advantage in the market with the Apple A12 Bionic, which was the first 7nm chip to the market, whilst the Galaxy S10 uses the Samsung Exynos 9820 which is slightly larger and less efficient than the Apple model. Advantage Apple!

Interestingly, both phones are two of the fastest phones in the industry however in terms of RAM, the S10 has an 8GB RAM

which is double that of the XS, as you can see in the table above. Samsung wins on RAM.

When comparing the storage aspect of the two phones, the S10 offer two variants, the 128gb and the 512gb model, whilst the

iPhone XS model offers three options – 64/256gb and the 512gb model. However, at first look it may seem that Apple win on that front, but the S10’s ability to have a memory card allows a great range of storage on the device. Advantage S10 on the storage front.

Both screens on the devices are OLED tech. However, there are differences in the two models, with the S10 having a larger display with Super AMOLED. Moreover, the XS Max provides a strong argument if a large, quality display is your priority. We would say

the S10 wins on this display front unless you are willing to upgrade to the XS Max.

Security is very important in current times with customers and this has shown with sufficient enhancements in the S10 and XS models. However, in comparing the two, the new fingerprint sensor is a great improvement. The facial recognition system is still

less secure than Apple’s Face ID which has been a huge success. Apple wins the security showdown!

Samsung have quite literally gone one better with a triple camera

combo in comparison to the XS and its dual camera system. The advantage of this means the S10 can take ultra-wide shots in addition to the regular shots, a great tool when taking “the shot” with a great landscape backdrop.

The iPhone’s auto HDR gives the XS model a great benefit when capturing shots which, for everyday photos, would be our winner on this front. However, if you are using your phone for professional standard photos, we would recommend the S10 as the specs of the phone allow it to perform to levels the XS simply cannot. But for everyday users the auto HDR provides a great option… we will give this one a draw!

So, who wins?

It is a tough call (pardon the pun!) with both phones having their pros and cons in comparison but we would say, if it’s phone specifications alone you are judging by, the S10 wins. However, for

overall feel and day to day we would say the XS model wins due to the overall interface and Apple specific technologies.

The deciding factor for most is if you are Android or IOS fan, as this usually outweighs all phone specs.

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