‘CASHIES’ TOP TIPS Thinking of selling your mobile?

‘CASHIES’ TOP TIPS Thinking of selling your mobile?

Are you looking to sell your mobile?

If so, take a look at ‘CASHIES’ top tips to help you get the best price before you sell it online or on the high street... no hint intended!

Before we get to the point of sale, it is important that we give it a good wipe inside and out before selling it. One of the most important things we need to do when preparing an item is to wipe its data by giving it a factory reset, this is to protect your privacy... slightly important right? But before all of that, let’s think about the data you wish to keep.

Have you got a memory card in your phone?

If it does, it offers you an easy method of transferring your files, making it much easier to get started when you move onto your new phone.

If your phone has a microSD slot, then don’t forget to remove the SD card. If you are struggling to find it, it tends to be on the edge of the phone.

If your phone doesn’t have a memory card slot not to worry, cloud storage is most common in smartphones. In this case backup your files on the cloud to allow you to access them on your next phone.

Factory reset

Now that your data has been transferred and saved, it’s time to visit your settings and find your factory reset option. If you need assistance to find out how to factory reset your device, there are many short, simple videos to help you online. Once you have found them, reset your device to factory settings and it will be clean and ready for the next user.

Remove SIM card

Your sim card also stores information such as contacts, so we don’t want to forget to remove your SIM. Removing it is fairly straight forward, however it does vary from phone to phone. You are likely to have a SIM pin tool from when your SIM card was issued. If not, there are many alternatives which you can find online but be careful removing it when using alternatives.

Unlock your phone

Have you got a contracted SIM? If so, that likely means that your phone is locked to your network provider. To get your phone unlocked, you will need to contact your provider. Each provider has a process to do this which may vary and so it is advised to contact them regarding this to get this done for you.

By unlocking your phone, it will increase its value as it becomes much more attractive to a potential buyer as they’re good to go on any network. Making it much easier for them whilst upping your preloved phone’s value.


Accessories are always something that get missed when thinking about selling your phone, which is not good when they can make such a difference. Do you still have the original box, USB cable, wall charger or headphones? It really does make a difference when it comes to price. When putting the accessories together just think, what did the phone come with when I got it? If you have any third-party accessories as well, bring them in, as the more attractive the item is, the easier it is to get a good price for you.

Clean device

Now that your phone is clean on the inside, let’s get the outside of it matching! A simple yet effective way of doing so is by using a microfibre cloth to get your old phone looking fresh and ready to be sold. Scratches aren’t fixable by the cloth... unfortunately! But what it can do is make it look much more attractive to buy, removing dirt and fingerprints. If you wish to enhance the value further, adding a new screen protector after cleaning looks great!

By following these steps, you will have maximised the value of your phone when preparing to sell it. If you’re looking to sell your mobile after following our tips, why not use our online valuation tool : https://www.cashconverters.co.uk/sell/online-valuationor visit one of our amazing stores nearest to you: https://www.cashconverters.co.uk/store-locator

If you are selling your device to us, the following terms will apply; minimum age 18 and proof of identity and address required. We may share your information with government authorities for prevention and detection of crime. Cash Converters stores will test and check all items against the National Police Database.

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