Here’s the bait…Fishing Season – it’s time to fish!

Here’s the bait…Fishing Season – it’s time to fish!

With over 1,300,000 fishing licenses in the U.K, we’re glad to say it’s time to fish! The ‘bait’ is ready for an exciting fishing season in the U.K. With such a huge number of fishes found in UK waters, you can’t miss out! – are you going to bite this season?

Did you know?

Only 5% of the world’s oceans and seas have been fully explored.

Fish have been on the planet for 450 million years – slightly more than us mammals!

Killer whales can be found in the U.K , and feed off the coast of Scotland!

The timing of the season plays a big part in what can be caught and where across the British Isles. Let’s take a look:


The start of the season can tend to be a quiet start in some parts of the UK. With the cold winter coming to an end winter species leave the waters, whilst the summer species are sure on there way! The spring period of the fishing is often called the ‘transition period’. As the sun starts shining, plaice arrive in many places across the U.K alongside mackerel, sand eels amongst much more of our fish friends.


The sun is well and truly shining on us (we hope). The seas will be nice and warm for us to take a dip and work on our wonderful tans. But for anglers, the summer species start to swim in shallower waters meaning there is much more opportunity to fish. Predatory fishes such as large pollock provide great opportunity for anglers as they come to feed on all the fish in shallower waters.

Summer provides a great chance to fish for large fish and if you have an ounce of luck you could find a rare catch such as a rare bream species, a triggerfish or a John Dory which chances are known to be higher in the south west of England.

Anyone who wants to go fishing in the UK needs to buy a fishing licence. A full annual licence costs £30 (short term and some concessionary licences are also available) and are available online at

Why fishing?

Fishing is so much more than just catching fish, it provides a great opportunity to be close to nature in amazing wildlife hotspots. It is a great sport to take up to relax and spend some ‘me’ time outdoors whilst also offering a great social opportunity; whether it’s making friends in a fishing group or spending time with pals or family with a long fun day to talk and fish. When you get that bite there is no better feeling, why not share that with someone? Many find it very meditating; a great hobby for mental wellbeing.

Try fishing this season and before you know it, you’ll be hooked and you won’t look back. Tackling up will become a natural routine, you’ll be looking for the next catch after catch... the fun never stops!

We can help!

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