Family time... Let the Easter egg hunt begin!

Family time... Let the Easter egg hunt begin!

Easter egg hunts are one of the most memorable things about spring as a child (we hope that isn’t too far back for you). Can you think of anything more fun than an Easter egg hunt?

So, let us help make this Easter a special one for you and your family and enjoy this Easter with hours of egg hunting fun.

What is needed for an Easter egg hunt?

Great Easter egg hunts demand a lot of forward thinking to ensure it all goes to plan and most importantly, keeps the kids entertained for many fun-filled hours. Plenty of chocolate, thought and love is required!

What egg treasures should you hide?

Well we all know the answer to this one, chocolate eggs are a favourite this time of year. However, if you wish to get creative, a great option to mix up the hunt is to add fillable eggs. You can pack these with whatever you wish. You could add chocolate and a sweet haul or some non-edible gifts to lower the sugar levels. The little egg hunters definitely don’t need help on keeping that up! Little gifts are a great idea that cannot be devoured in a couple of seconds. It’s also a perk that gives your little ones something to remember in years to come.

Here are some ideas of the items you can put in the eggs, but remember you can get as creative as you like with your eggs:

  • Small toys
  • Chocolate rabbits
  • Arts and crafts
  • Sweets
  • Easter bunny messages for the kids

How many eggs should you hide?

We would advise 6-10 eggs per person. It’s a lot more fun when there’s so much to find. This means the hunt can be enjoyed for longer. Don’t be making it too easy now!

Hiding for the hunt!

When getting ready to hide the eggs it’s important to look at the age of your little keen hunters, older kids will tend to get bored if the hunt is too easy. Similarly, young children will get frustrated if the hunt is too difficult. We would recommend if there is a mixture of ages, split the garden into different areas for each age group.

How can we make this fun?

To make this hunt a special one there are many ways of doing this, whether it’s getting creative and making signs or using hints to guide your little hunters towards their desired treasures. We suggest the following:

  • Easter basket to collect the eggs
  • Fun, engaging clues
  • Colourful eggs
  • Involving all – get the family involved!
  • Rewards for participating

Don’t forget there are many other activities you can add to make your Easter special however, what is most important is the smiles of your little ones to make their Easter a memorable one. We hope you have an amazing Easter with your family.

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