#12WeeksUntilChristmas! Is it time to get planning?

#12WeeksUntilChristmas! Is it time to get planning?

As we draw close to the end of 2019 (scary right?) That key date is getting all the more closer with just 12 weeks until Christmas! This means we are only three months away as we head into such a busy time of year.

Thats right Christmas is on its way. We would advise getting your ‘organising’ Christmas hat on. Planning ahead allows you to gain control rather than let the busy period control you. It means less stress, which is a huge plus when considering how busy our lives are today! Less stress means more enjoyment at such a wonderful time of year.

Our top tips;

Before any of the Christmas preparation tasks can be done, it is important to work out a budget. This will really help, not only to ease financial worries, but organise what needs to be done prior to the special day. When considering your budget, it is important to consider all areas to ensure there are no last-minute surprises which can be costly. Think about areas such as:

  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Petrol for errands
  • Wrapping material
  • Parking for shopping
  • Christmas parties amongst much more!

Are you hosting?

Christmas day requires organisation when it comes to hosting because the earlier you know you are the hostess, the more time you have to prepare. From spuds to gateaux’s you can get your shopping list ready to go. It is equally important to decide the location with family and friends. The earlier you do, the better.

Fill your calendar

The lead up to Christmas is known by many although exciting as manic, it helps massively to fill in a calendar to help organise your family’s whereabouts over the festive season. Whether it’s parties to attend, kids

Christmas holiday dates or get togethers, there is so much going on this time of year!

It’s all in the present!

We’re talking in the present here, pardon the pun! When it comes to presents, Christmas can be quite costly so it can make a huge difference making savings here and there both in-store and online.

By shopping earlier, it opens up much more opportunity to utilise sales and offers with so many attractive sales and discounts available during the festive season. Black Friday is a huge date to aim for, with many retail giants offering some great reductions on this years ‘most wanted’ products.

By making a list of who you need to buy for, you can get thinking what to get for them. It will really help when it comes to saving money as you can search the web for offers and sales on the lead up to the festive season which will really help to save the pennies as Christmas nears.

Remember Second hand isn’t second best! You can get some of the most wanted gifts at reduced savings, especially when you’re looking to save over the festive season. Why not visit your local Cash Converters store or alternatively look on our website? We have a treasure trove of items for you to browse.It’s a wrap!

Before you know it, you will have your gifts ready to be wrapped, why not make an evening of it? Put your favourite Christmas hits & films on and enjoy the expe- rience. Look forward to the many smiles you are likely to see on Christmas day.

Following these key tips, will help to reduce so much stress allowing you to enjoy this Christmas with family & friends which is definitely the most important thing! Just remember organisation is the key, don’t let Christmas creep up on you! (that’s Halloweens job)

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