Why second hand is not second best

Why second hand is not second best

Why second hand is not second best

The world is changing and where second hand purchases were once viewed as old stuff, nowadays second hand, or pre-loved as it is also known, is definitely on trend. There is nothing shameful about picking up plenty of pre-loved bargains. The stigma once attached to buying second hand is definitely gone for good. Given that finances for most regular UK households are still on the tighter side, buying second hand is definitely the way forward – especially if you have a taste for the finer things in life.

You can pretty much buy anything second hand nowadays. From the obvious things like cars and houses, to the not so obvious stuff, including garden furniture, tools, interior furnishings, kitchenware and equipment, designer labels, kid's toys, watches, jewellery and precious gemstones, as well as CDs, DVDs, games, books, and musical instruments. In short, if there is something you are looking to purchase then you would be wise to explore the second hand markets first before committing to purchasing it brand new.

The internet has been the catalyst for driving the popularity of buying second hand goods. Purchasing stuff second hand is now seen as being trendy and thrifty – not a cheapskate! With the upsurge in the amount of people turning their hand to upcycling, buying and selling second hand unwanted items has never been easier. It's really interesting to see what some people will buy second hand, and it just goes to show that with a little imagination and creativity you can upcycle an old piece of unwanted junk into something highly desirable, unique and sought-after. Plus, the added bonus is that the price tag attached makes upcycling a profitable hobby.

Antique furnishings is another clear indication that second hand is definitely not second best. You can pick up some fantastic bargains nowadays online. Furniture made 50 to 100 years ago (or older) is really well constructed and often beautifully made compared to the mass produced furniture available today. In addition, you will be buying something that is a bit different. Antique furniture works well, even with modern interior schemes, and it is more often than not constructed from solid wood, too.

Another area of interest – and again more proof that second hand is far from being second best – is with vintage ceramics and porcelain. Art Deco and Art Nouveau ceramics are highly collectable, and whilst finding a piece of Clarice Cliff online is comparable to finding hens' teeth, you will certainly be sure of finding Poole Pottery, Moorcroft or the likes which is collectable now and is certain to continue to have a level of desire attached to it.

Vintage is the keyword here, though. In fact, if something can truly be described as 'vintage' then the price tag will increase! Vintage is totally in fashion at the moment. From vintage inspired weddings and events, to vintage baking, vintage décor, vintage fashions and just about anything else that can be labelled vintage! So if you are searching for your second hand bargain buy, you are trying your hand at upcycling, or you are hoping to sell some unwanted items... then try thinking 'vintage'.

When it comes to buying and selling second hand goods, we know a thing or two about what’s good – and what’s not. That’s because Cash Converters UK has more than 700 stores globally, and we are the largest retailer of second hand goods throughout the world. So to find out more about buying second hand goods, or converting your unwanted items into cash, why not visit our website today at www.cashconverters.co.uk.
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