What are the 12 sure fire ways to a profitable clear out?

What are the 12 sure fire ways to a profitable clear out?

What are the 12 sure fire ways to a profitable clear out?

If you have taken the decision to have a good old clear out of all your unwanted items this spring, then here are a few invaluable tips from the team at Cash Converters on how to turn your unwanted goods into hard cash.

Did you know that the average UK household has at least £1000 worth of unwanted stuff hanging around at home? Many of us are hoarding unwanted presents, kids' toys, CDs, DVDs, books, sports equipment, musical instruments, homeware, clothes, handbags, shoes, kitchenware... the list is endless! And with one man's water being another man's wine, then there is pretty much always someone out there who would love your unwanted stuff.

So if this all sounds a little close to home then here are the Cash Converters team's top 12 tips to making your spring clean pro table:

Don't reminisce, don't be sentimental, and don't make excuses. If it's chucked at the back of a cupboard and you've not used it for years then it's time to be put up for sale. If it has no real sentimental attachment then be ruthless.

Ask your little helpers. If you have bored kids at home then why not incentivise them to help. They can get involved by going through their old and unwanted toys. Explain why you are having a clear out and that your child's old and unwanted toys could make another little girl or boy really happy. And for a little added incentive tell your kids you will give them a cut of the profits!

Be creative. Why not turn your hand to upcycling. It's all the rage at the moment and if you find you have a talent for turning your old stuff into something wonderful and desirable, then you can make money from it too!

Mend and fix. Make sure whatever you are selling is in the best possible condition. Not only will you attract more interest if you can promote 'excellent condition' in the details, but you will also obtain a higher price. So take the time to invest in a little mending and fixing.

Original packaging. We all know that toys in their original boxes can reach high prices. However, the same principle applies to pretty much everything on sale second hand. If you have the original packaging then brilliant – take the time to find it and package it all up nicely.

Sell for parts or spares. Gadgets, electrical equipment and technology becomes obsolete at an alarming rate – even if you spent a small fortune purchasing it brand new. So if you have unwanted gadgets, electrical equipment, technology etc. at home that are well past their sell by dates, then you can still make money by selling as parts or spares.

Be secure. If you are selling anything technological, then make sure it is completely wiped clean of your data. The last thing you want is for someone to buy your old tablet, smart phone or laptop only to hack into it and steal your private and confidential information.

Be patient. If at first you don't succeed then try and try again. Don't get disheartened if your items don't sell immediately. It's perhaps just a case of tweaking your promotional descriptions or maybe reducing the price slightly.

Think about how and where you are going to sell your unwanted goods, and who will want to buy them. It's a good idea to know your market. Plus, it helps to take really professional photos so you can promote your items in the best light possible.

Put a realistic value on your unwanted goods when you come to sell them. Do a little market research, but don't be too greedy as people are looking for a bargain nowadays and be sure to take into account age, condition etc. However, at the same time it has to be a price which works for you too. Make sure you have a 'minimum' figure in mind if someone tries to haggle.

And finally, make sure you have a good old declutter at least once every year to avoid ending up swamped by 'stuff' again. Plus, it will do great things for your bank balance!

To find out more about buying second hand goods, or converting your unwanted items into cash, why not visit our website today at www.cashconverters.co.uk.
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