What are the 12 things you COULD buy second hand?

What are the 12 things you COULD buy second hand?

What are the 12 things you COULD buy second hand?

When it comes to buying and selling second hand goods, we know a thing or two about what’s good – and what’s not. That’s because Cash Converters has more than 700 stores globally, and we are the largest retailer of second hand goods throughout the world.

So if you are looking to make a purchase and you are not sure whether brand new or second hand is the way forward, then here are our top tips on when to buy pre-loved items or goods:

Cars. We all know that buying a brand new car will hit our pockets hard when it comes to depreciation. However, it goes without saying that you really can save hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds if you buy second hand. And if you are feeling flush, then it doesn’t even need to be an ‘old’ second hand banger. Buying a car which is just 6-months old (sometimes referred to as an ex-demo model by dealerships) is enough to enjoy big savings.

Buying a second hand car from a dealership could be slightly more expensive, but you will be protected under the Consumer Right Acts. Plus, you have more power to negotiate over the price. If you are buying privately, then there are a number of checks you will need to do, including confirming the car’s identity and MOT history on DVLA’s website, as well as checking any outstanding finance too.

Furniture. Interior fashions change with the wind, but classic pieces of furniture will always be en vogue. Good quality wooden furniture, barely-used sofas and even some nursery furniture are excellent second hand finds. However, just be sure to buy brand new and compliant mattresses though, and be warned that second hand upholstered items are likely to carry pet dander / dust mites / bed bugs. Antiques also make wonderful interior additions and many great finds can be picked up cheaply at auctions.

Garden furniture. Given the amount of rain and bad weather we get in the UK, buying expensive brand new garden furniture doesn’t always make much sense. For six-months of the year it will be covered or stored away, and when it is good enough weather for it to be on show, you are safe in the knowledge you have secured a great and stylish second hand bargain.

Home décor. Tastes and fashions change rapidly which means that there are often some superb home décor pieces available to buy second hand. From lamps, wall hangings, rugs, glassware and candles, to light fittings, throws and kitchenware, you can find some great bargains. Plus, why not try your hand at upcycling or recycling for something truly unique.

Maternity clothes. You are expecting for just 9-months and given how much you and your bundle of joy will be growing, it really isn’t worth investing in an expansive maternity wardrobe. A capsule collection of barely used second hand basics is perfect as you blossom.

Children’s clothes. Babies and children grow at a rapid rate and clothing them nicely can be an expensive job! However, so many parents sell bundles of barely worn kids’ clothes at reasonable prices as they are often keen to make wardrobe room. Plus, there are many times when clothes have been given as presents and haven’t even been worn. So buying children’s clothes second hand can really pay dividends.

Designer labels. If you are partial to a good quality designer label but don’t have the bank balance to support your tastes then why not search for nearly-new designer gear instead? You can often pick up some beautiful pieces, such as shoes, handbags, jeans, dresses, suits etc. for half the recommended retail price (RRP). And, many a time, they have only been worn / used just once or twice.

Novels and textbooks. How many times have you read a brand new novel only to then put it on your bookshelf to collect dust? If this sounds familiar, then why not buy second hand books – and sell your old books too, once you’ve read them. Furthermore, textbooks can be really expensive and, more often than not, they are only required for a short period of study. Whilst they are updated regularly, the changes are generally minimal. So why buy brand new when you can save 50% on the costs by purchasing second hand textbooks.

DVDs, CDs and games. Given how rapidly technology changes, what’s the point of buying brand new DVDs of your favourite films and TV shows, CDs and games when you can pick up second hand alternatives at a snip of the price. Often used just a handful of times, second hand DVDs, CDs and games are usually in pretty good condition and have plenty of life left in them!

Musical instruments. Buying musical instruments brand new can be extremely expensive. Pianos are very pricey, as are many brass, woodwind and string instruments too. However, buying second hand is a good option as many have been reconditioned.

Sports and fitness equipment. Often purchased on a whim, many items of sports and fitness equipment either end up in a cupboard / garage, or are used for airing washing! Buying barely used, second hand sports equipment means you will get really good stuff at a fraction of the retail price. Plus, buying children’s bikes / scooters etc. second hand is always advisable as they often have a short shelf life.

Refurbished tools. If you are into DIY, then stocking your shed with tools can become an expensive hobby. For anything without a motor, then second hand is definitely the way forward. However, if you are into your gadgets and love anything labour-saving, then it is worth shopping around first for the best deal. Buying second hand motorised tools is sometimes false economy if you have to spend money getting them fixed. Plus, you also won’t have a warranty, either.

To find out more about buying second hand goods, or converting your unwanted items into cash, why not visit our website today at www.cashconverters.co.uk.
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