How to start a new hobby for less

How to start a new hobby for less

The early moments of the New Year are always great. Not only do they allow us to wipe the slate clean and forget the mistakes we made in the last year, they also allow us to dream about some of the things we'd like to achieve in the year ahead.

For some, these dreams look like a family holiday or a promotion at work, while for others, they take the form of a new motor or a daring adventure. For the majority of people however, these dreams take the form of a brand new hobby.

If you, like the millions of others out there who have decided that the New Year means a new you, be sure to give our guide to starting a new hobby for less a read before you go spending all your Christmas money!

Second hand savings

Thanks to a recent survey conducted by Cash Converters, we now know that a staggering 28.6% of Brits will have given up on their new hobbies by February (1) – a statistic that could equate to hundreds of pounds being lost as new goods barely make their way out of the box before being resigned to a dusty shelf at the back of the garage.

With this in mind, if you've got a new hobby you'd like to have a go at, you might be best buying some second hand equipment before committing yourself to an expensive new product.

Sell more, save more

Just as Cash Converters can help you save money when buying the kit you need to start your new hobby, it can also be a handy option for those looking to save money by selling their unwanted goods.

At this time of year especially, there are tons of unwanted Christmas gifts knocking about, so if you're just a couple of notes short of buying that all-important cookery book, pool cue or running gear, you might want to consider selling them at your nearest Cash Converters store.

Selling your items with Cash Converters couldn't be simpler, just bring your items to the store and we'll talk you through the entire process. Customers are required to be at least 18 years of age and be able to prove their identity.

To find out more about selling, click here and get started today!

(1) Survey information provided by The Leadship Factor
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