The most popular things to pawn in 2017

The most popular things to pawn in 2017

It's Christmas - a time of celebration, spending time with loved ones and of course, gifts. But sometimes Santa doesn't bring what you wanted down the chimney, which is where a little second-hand retail can come in handy.

We've been running a campaign recently to find out what the most bizarre items are that you can find in your local pawn shop, and from prosthetic limbs to hundreds of pens, it's certainly been eye-opening.

In a bid to welcome in the New Year, we're looking at what we think will be the most pawned items in 2017.

A few favourites:

Often pricey and oh-so practical, there's no denying wireless headphones are a luxury item. Letting you listen to your favourite tunes without getting tangled in reams of cable, we're expecting to see a few unwanted cable headphones as a result next year.

Amazon Echo
Is the world ready for voice recognition in the home? The Amazon Echo lets you take control of the tech in your house, from playing music to ordering on Amazon. While it's a great piece of tech, we're expecting to see a few of these knocking about in 2017 as people eventually lose interest.

Coffee machine
Fresh barista-style coffee at home? Another gift we think will be popular this year, could the coffee machine be the next to top the list of presents that sound great, but in practice, don't get used all that often?

Beard trimmer
With the rise in popularity of fashionable beards this year, we're predicting a lot of beard trimmers to be coming our way. We've all heard the trends - glitter beards and flower beards to name just a few - but is the rise of having your beard trimmed by a professional something that's set to overshadow the DIY shave?

Hover boards and segways
Hover boards and other forms of high-tech transport such as segways seem to have risen in popularity this year. But thanks to them only being legal to ride on private property (so not including pavements), we're expecting to see a few of these being traded in for something a little more practical.

On the rise
We're expecting lots of modern technology to be among the most popular items to pawn next year, including favourites such as Kindles, Firesticks and Chromecasts, as well as larger pieces such as the Samsung Note 7, the Microsoft Surface and curve TVs.

Toys-wise, we're expecting the Hatchimal to be this year's kid's gift of choice, while other household items such as steam mops and the ever fashionable exercise DVDs could well be making a steady appearance too.

So this Christmas, if you receive something from Santa you're not totally sure you're going to use, consider passing it on in one of our second hand retail stores. You never know what you might find to put in its place!
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