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Morgan, aged 8

Morgan, age 8 has severe autism which affects his ability to interpret emotions and his ability to communicate.  Morgan’s mum Nicola and Morgan have also had to cope sadly with the sudden loss of Morgan’s father and Nicola’s partner recently.  This has affected Morgan profoundly as the  relationship between Morgan and his father was especially close.

One of the main things that interests and engages Morgan is WWE wrestling and especially his hero John Cena.  Morgan had never had the opportunity to go to a wrestling match before this dream and not only did he meet his hero John Cena, but also the current champ CM Punk.

Mum wrote afterwards ’A big thank you for today Martin, you’ve made Morgan’s year.  This is an experience of a lifetime that he will never forget.  Thank you to you and your team.  I haven’t seen him smile like this in such a long time’