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Ceitidh – We Will Rock You

Ceitidh (pronounced ‘Kaychee’ gaelic for Katie) has a hereditary bone condition that results in continual an painful bony spurs that have to be monitored and removed by surgical operation.  In her 15 years Ceitidh has had over 30 operations.


Amongst many interests, Ceitidh is really keen on makeup and would like to pursue this further at college.  Her favourite show is also ‘We Will Rock You’; Ceitidh having seen this at the touring show in Glasgow not so long ago.  How could we combine the two?  The idea was to help with the Make up at a West End Show in London, if possible We Will Rock You!  The Dominion Theatre (Home of the show) arranged for a couple of actors to come in early so that Ceitidh could make them up.  On the day itself, Ceitidh was given a full back stage tour and got the chance to stand on the stage (the biggest in the West End) and even go up and down on the stage lifts.   Ceitidh was then taken to the Make and Wigs Dept and spent the show working in the dept during a live show.  They were all very welcoming and Ceitidh again had the chance to practice her skill on a member of the cast and even received the gift of her own make up bag.   The whole experience was more than Ceitidh and Caroleanne could have hoped for and there was a real attention to detail and kindness shown by all those at the theatr