Youngest ever Cash Converters franchisee opens new store in Alloa

A 27-year-old entrepreneur from Livingston, is set to open a new Cash Converters store in Alloa after taking over the family business

Matthew Kitching, who also owns a store in Stirling has become the second-hand giant’s youngest franchisee

A 27-year-old Instagram whizz is set to become the youngest franchisee to open a Cash Converters store in the UK.

Matthew Kitching from Livingston, took over the family business in 2021 and has since made ambitious plans to grow the business’s network of stores.

Currently owning a store in Stirling, Matthew quickly set about opening a second store 10 miles away in the town centre of Alloa, after taking the reigns from his father, Ken.

Ken opened the Stirling store in 2008 where, after finishing high school, Matthew joined the team and went straight into learning the trade working for his family business rather than the university route.

Ten years later, Matthew now manages 12 employees and is set to officially open the doors to his second store on Saturday 5th March, 2022.

The new store on 78 Mill Street has brought four new jobs to the town. The opening will be marked with a special launch event and will include exclusive offers on the day including 10% off on selected retail items.

Matthew said of the opening: “When I left school, I chose not to take the university route like most of my friends as I wanted to join the working world as quickly as possible. Over the last ten years working with my Dad has provided me with invaluable experience on how to properly run a business and the commitment, challenges and rewards that comes with it.

“When I took over the business last year, one of the first things I knew I wanted to do was open a second store in a new town, and with the help of the team at Cash Converters HQ, I’ve been able to do just that.

“The buying and selling of second-hand goods has changed rapidly since I first started out - especially through the pandemic - so I’m excited to introduce new ways of reaching audiences looking to use our range of services, including leveraging social media.

“I’m proud to be the brand’s youngest franchisee and hope to do the network proud in launching my first store in the coming weeks.”

Cash Converters is a franchised retailer with 187 outlets throughout the country. Alloa takes this number to 188.