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Dreams We’ve Made Come True

Matthew’s Dream Comes True

Posted on 29th April 2014

Thanks to staff at the Cash Converters store in Bedford, who really got behind the company’s fundraising initiatives, Matthew, aged… Read more

Ebony’s Dream Comes True

Posted on 26th February 2013

Cash Converters, the UK’s number one retailer of pre-owned goods and financial services provider, has been putting some of the… Read more

Morgan, aged 8

Posted on 4th May 2012

Morgan, age 8 has severe autism which affects his ability to interpret emotions and his ability to communicate.  Morgan’s mum… Read more

Ceitidh – We Will Rock You

Posted on 4th May 2012

Ceitidh (pronounced ‘Kaychee’ gaelic for Katie) has a hereditary bone condition that results in continual an painful bony spurs that… Read more

Harry, a huge WWE fan

Posted on 16th August 2010

Harry, aged 6, was diagnosed as having cancer in July 2009 and underwent chemotherapy before having his kidney removed.  During… Read more

Charity Golf Day 2010

Posted on 16th April 2010

The 3rd Cash Converters Charity Golf day, aid of the Charity Dreams Come True, takes place on Friday 28th May… Read more

Jack’s dream

Posted on 18th March 2010

Jack, aged 10, has multiple problems, including epilepsy and severe development delay. Jack’s dream was to have a trike of… Read more

Matthew, from Warwickshire

Posted on 22nd January 2010

Matthew, aged 6, from Warwickshire was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 and underwent treatment which was completed in 2006.  In addition… Read more

Holly, from Derbyshire

Posted on 22nd January 2010

Holly, aged 8, from Derbyshire (right) suffers from a condition which means, amongst many other symptoms she has a complex… Read more

Ryan from Yorkshire

Posted on 4th December 2009

Ryan aged, 10 from Yorkshire, suffers from Hunters Syndrome which causes progressive physical and learning disabilities.  Ryan originally applied to… Read more

Joshua from Manchester

Posted on 4th December 2009

Joshua aged 6, from Manchester was born premature and suffered a post-haemorrhagic hydrocephalus.   This has left him with many problelms…. Read more

Ben from Tyne and Wear

Posted on 4th December 2009

Ben, aged 13, from Tyne and Wear suffers from autism, severe global developmental and other disabilities all of which makes… Read more

Connor from Pentre

Posted on 4th December 2009

Connor, aged 14, from Pentre, has cystic fibrosis.  This is a debilitating condition which needs dauly treatment.  Connor is a… Read more

Jamie from Clwyd

Posted on 4th December 2009

Jamie, aged 14, from Clwyd,  has Downs syndrome, as well as severe autisim.  Jamie’s condition, his lack of communication and… Read more

Jennifer, from Manchester

Posted on 17th September 2009

Jennifer, aged 12, from Manchester has a form of polyglandular autoimmune syndrome where her adrenal gland and thyroid glands are… Read more

Anna, from Leicester

Posted on 17th September 2009

Anna is 13 years old, from Leicester.  At the age of 11 she was diagnosed with cancer of the retinas. … Read more

Faith, from Chester

Posted on 17th September 2009

Faith, aged 5, from Chester is an extraordinary little girl who had gone through about 95 operations in her short… Read more

Chloe from Preston

Posted on 30th July 2009

  Chloe, aged 5, is  from Preston.  Sadly Chloe has chronic lung disease and is dependent on oxygen and has… Read more

Lee from Northern Ireland

Posted on 30th July 2009

  Lee, aged 8, from Northern Ireland has suffered two strokes for which the causes are still unknown.   Tiernan also… Read more

Tom from Manchester

Posted on 15th June 2009

Tom, 11 years old from Manchester, was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in January 2006. Tom’s father became his fulltime… Read more

Alex from Leicester

Posted on 15th June 2009

Alex 16, from Leicester is a young man with Down’s Syndrome and Bronchiectsis (chronic lung disease) which means Alex requires… Read more

Andrew from Norfolk

Posted on 15th June 2009

Andrew, 13, from Norfolk and suffers from Crohn’s Disease.  This is a very unpredictable condition that causes inflammation in the… Read more

Jemiah from West Yorkhire

Posted on 9th June 2009

Jemiah aged 4 from West Yorkhire, suffers from Wolf-Hirschorn syndrome, a complex condition causing Jemiah significant physical and mental disability. … Read more

Max, age 3

Posted on 6th March 2009

Max, aged 3, from the West Midlands has undergone a long battle against Leukaemia and his wish was also to… Read more

Adam, age 11

Posted on 6th March 2009

Adam is an 11 year old young boy with Down’s syndrome from Northern Ireland. As a consequence of his condition,… Read more

Josselin, age 2½

Posted on 6th March 2009

2½ year old Josselin is from Wiltshire and suffers from Charge Syndrome. This means that she is profoundly deaf and… Read more

Lewis, age 12

Posted on 6th March 2009

Lewis, aged 12 is from Warwickshire. All his life has been beset with profound medical problems. He has had heart… Read more

Sahar, age 6

Posted on 6th March 2009

Sahar, a six year old from East Sussex who suffers from Leukaemia. Her dream was to visit Thailand and spend… Read more

Luuk, age 3

Posted on 6th March 2009

A lovely young boy aged only 3 called Luuk ,has multiple complex needs and is completely tube fed. As at… Read more

Anandi, age 17

Posted on 6th March 2009

Anandi is a 17 year old young lady from Northamptonshire who has Leukodysdrophy and Quadriparesis. Her condition means she is… Read more

Jack, age 7

Posted on 6th March 2009

Jack, 7 years old from Staffordshire, is undergoing treatment for leukaemia. His dream was to go to Disney land Paris…. Read more

Ryan, age 15

Posted on 6th March 2009

Ryan, aged 15, from Lancashire, suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy a progressive condition which also means Ryan is confined to… Read more

Shane, age 20

Posted on 6th March 2009

Shane, aged 20, from Staffordshire has endured a long battle against Hodgkins disease, his dream was a simple one, a… Read more

Joy, age 12

Posted on 6th March 2009

Joy, aged 12 from Birmingham suffers from Cerebral Palsy and finds the mobility offered by an adapted trike enables her… Read more

Dalton, age 14

Posted on 6th March 2009

14 year old Dalton from Tyne and Wear had his dream come true when he went to watch a WWE… Read more

Brooklyn, age 4

Posted on 6th March 2009

Brooklyn aged 4 is a fabulous young girl from Fife. She has many problems, ranging from chronic lung disease, to… Read more

Leanna, age 20

Posted on 6th March 2009

Leanna, 20 years old, from Worcestershire suffers from cerebral palsy affecting her whole body, confining her to a wheelchair. Leanna… Read more

Kate, age 8

Posted on 6th March 2009

Kate who is 8 years old lives in West Yorkshire and has cerebral palsy, scoliosis and developmental delay. Last year… Read more

Felicia, age 11

Posted on 6th March 2009

Felicia was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2004 for which arduous and difficult treatment is still ongoing. Her Dream was… Read more

Helen, age 17

Posted on 6th March 2009

Helen is 17 years of age and as mentally active as any other 17 year old. At age 11 she… Read more

Cameron, age 3

Posted on 2nd March 2009

Cameron suffers with a Brain Tumour which could result in a potentially fatal seizure. Understandably this places the family under… Read more

Corporate Stores

Posted on 18th February 2009

The week of the charity auction also saw Cash Converters Corporate store staff hold a number of fund-raising events at… Read more


Posted on 17th February 2009

A new initiative by Cash Converters aimed at supporting national children’s charity Dreams Come True has raised a staggering £10,241 at a time when 50 percent of Britons estimate they will be giving less money to charity due to the credit crunch.

Golf Day 2008

Posted on 17th February 2009

On the 30th May 2008, Cash Converters UK held an inaugural Charity Golf Day at Market Drayton Gold Club in… Read more

Golf Day 2009

Posted on 17th February 2009

The 2009 charity golf day smashed last year’s total of £10,000 to raise nearly £15,000. Chief executive of the charity,… Read more