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Acceptable ID

To sell to Cash Converters, you will need to provide sufficient identification. We do this via a points system as described below.

Buy or Buyback

  • Minimum 50 points required for BUY or BUYBACK

ID Points Checklist

Please note: All identification carrying a signature must be signed and current. All other ID must be current or less than 3 months old. All payments are made at the complete discretion of the store.

40 Points

  • Passport – UK issue 10 year
  • Full UK Driving Licence (showing current address)
  • DSS Allowance book
  • 714/715 Card or CIS card (showing current address)
  • Building Society Book (with typed address)
  • Credit Card (with photo on card)
  • Family Allowance/Credit Book

35 Points

  • Council Rent Book (printed address)
  • Council Tenancy Agreement (printed address)
  • Employee/Forces ID card (with photo)

30 Points

  • Council Tax Book or Receipt
  • NHS Medical Card
  • Insurance Certificate/Policy
  • Mortgage Certificate
  • Letter of Entitlement (relating to cheque)
  • Pay Slip (printed company name, address and name of payee, relating to cheque)

25 Points

  • Utility Bill
  • Inland revenue Correspondence
  • DSS Correspondence
  • National Insurance Card
  • TV Licence
  • Proof of Age Card
  • Bank/Building Society Statement
  • Club/Association Membership Card (with photo)

20 Points

  • Credit Card (signed)
  • Bank, Building Society Card (signed)
  • Foreign Passport, Driving Licence or ID card with Photo (International Driving Licences are not acceptable)
  • Other Correspondence/Bills (e.g. Credit Card bill)
  • Vehicle Registration Document

15 Points

  • Student Card (with photo)

10 Points

  • Borough Card
  • Fishing Licence
  • Private Tenancy Agreement (typed)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Pay Slip (printed name payee only relating to cheque)
  • Club/Association Membership Card (no photo)
  • Travel Pass (with photo)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Utility/Housing Payment Card

At Cash Converters, we always want to give you the fairest price possible.

To do this, we work out what price your item will reasonably sell for in our store, then take away a percentage we need to stay in business. We then arrive at the price we offer you.

  • Age

    How old is it? Have you already used much of the value?

  • Condition

    Is it fully working? Is it scratched, dirty or damaged?

  • Appeal

    Is it the current model? Can we easily sell it?

  • Value

    Based on these factors, we offer you a fair price.